When a call is made to a Delacon number with call recording enabled, the sequence of events is as follows:

1. Caller dials Delacon number
2. Call recording notification message plays to Caller
3. When the message finishes, a call to the termination point is initiated
4. Operator/client answers the call and speaks with Caller
5. Caller or Operator ends the call

The durations indicated in the reporting and the recording file are different due to different stages of the call being completed;

Total Call duration - from point 1 to point 5 (the duration shown in the call report)
Recording file duration - from point 3 to point 5
Speaking duration - from point 4 to point 5

Where can I find these durations?

Total Call Duration and Speaking Duration can be found in the Call Recording Report in the Delacon Portal. To access this report:

  1. Login to the Delacon Portal and Navigate to Reporting -> Reporting (Old)
  2. Navigate to Reporting and Select 'Call Recording Report'.
  3. Select the CID you want to view call recordings for and click on View Report

The see the whole recording file duration, simply play or download the recording itself.