Step 1 - Add to your advertiser or agency account with edit access. You can find out more information here.

Step 2 - Login to the Delacon Portal and navigate to the Integrations Menu and the DFA Token (offline) menu:

Step 3 - Click on 'Add New Mapping' followed by 'Yes' in the pop up box:

Step 4 - Select Relevant Service ID (one at a time) by marking the check box:

Step 5 - Enter in the following details:

  • Agency ID
  • Advertiser ID
  • Segment Name (must match the Floodlight segment name in DoubleClick)

Step 6 - Enter the conversion value.  This is set by you and is determined by how much value you place on a call conversion. We recommend a value of '1':

Step 7 - Enter in the Conversion Type:

  •  Action = Call is received
  • Transaction = Value attributed to that call conversion

Step 8 - Select the conversion currency:

Step 9 - Click on 'Add New Mapping':

Step 10 - Repeat this process for other CIDs/Services.

Please note that when setting up Call Extensions, each Call Extension will have a separate CID.