Security is something we take very seriously at Delacon. As such, we have put in place an optional security feature so call recordings, which may contain sensitive client information, cannot be accessed without entering a security key.

To setup call recording key:

Step 1: Login to Delacon Portal

            Login here

                    Fig 1

Step 2: Navigate to the old portal

Click on Reporting - Reporting (OLD)

                    Fig 2

Step 3: Navigate to Settings

Once ins the old portal, navigate to the settings menu and click on 'Change Recording Key':

                                                                            Fig 3

Step 4: Change Recording Key

Enter in the security key you want and press 'Change Key'.

                                                                                            Fig 4

Your Call Recording Key is now set. Anytime someone clicks on a link of a call recording, they will be prompted to enter in the Recording Key,