In order to set up Delacon’s Supercharged  Call Forwarding, you will need to follow the below steps:

Step 1 - Decide on the amount of call tracking numbers

You will need to make a decision on how  many call tracking numbers you will need for your AdWords call extensions. The  amount of numbers you will need will depend on the number of impressions you  expect your ads to receive.

If you expect a high volume of impressions  we would recommend you use one call tracking number per Ad Group. If you expect  a low number then you may want to have only one number per campaign.

Step 2 - Order Numbers

Once you have decided on the amount of call  tracking numbers you require, you will need to order them. You have two options  for ordering numbers:

Option 1: Self Ordering

You can order call tracking numbers with  our self-ordering tool in the Delacon Portal:

  1. Login to Delacon Portal

  2. Click on 'Campaign Directory' and 'Order Numbers'

  3. Select 'Add new CID'  

  4. Enter CID Details

    § Campaign/Business name: Choose a name for your phone number that is  easily identifiable. We suggest naming it after the Ad Group or Campaign the  number will be used on.

    § Sub Campaign/Business Category: We suggest using ‘AdWords’ so it is  easily identifiable as a phone number associated with an AdWords campaign.

    § Email Address: Enter the email address your call notification emails  will be sent to.

    § Termination Number: Enter the number where calls will be routed to.

    § Business Phone Number: Enter the number where calls will be routed  to.

  5. Select '1' for quantity of new numbers

        Check the 'Accept Terms and Conditions' box and click 'Proceed to confirmation'

Please note if you require multiple numbers  to add to your call extensions, you will need to follow this process for each  number. Do not select more than 1 number/CID when ordering.

If you require a large amount of new  numbers, please follow the process below.

Option 2:  Email Delacon Provisioning Team

Email with the amount  of new call tracking numbers you require and Delacon’s Provisioning Team will  set these up for you.

Step 3 - Integrating with Google AdWords

Once your call tracking numbers have been  provisioned to use on your AdWords campaigns, you will need to make sure your  Delacon and AdWords integration is set up correctly.

Please follow the below guide on setting up  the AdWords integration with Delacon. If you have any problems or questions  please email ‘’ or contact your account manager.

Delacon AdWords Integration Guide

Step 4 - Enter call tracking numbers into Google AdWords

1. Sign in to your AdWords  account.

2. Select the campaign or ad group  that you'd like to add call extensions to.

3. Click on the Ad extensions tab.

4. In the ‘View’ menu on the left  hand side, select ‘Call Extensions’.

5. Select if you want to add the  call tracking number to an ad group or to a campaign.

6. Click on ‘+Extension’.

7. Select the ad group or the  campaign you want to enter a call tracking number for.

8. Click on ‘+New phone number’.

9. Select your country and then enter  in the new Delacon call tracking number you want to use.

10. Click save.

Repeat the above process for every campaign/ad group you are  adding a call extension number to.

Please  Note: if you want to use call extensions, make sure you do not choose the  location extensions feature. This will conflict with your call extensions  number and they will not get approved by Google. 

Step 5 - AdWords Extensions Mapping

In order  for your AdWords call extensions to work, you will be required to map each Delacon phone number that has been mapped in call extensions to the respective AdWords  ID.

Please follow the steps below to complete  this process:

  1. Click on the link below to access the AdWords Integration menu in the Delacon Portal. You will be asked to login to the Delacon Portal if you are not logged in already.

  2. Click on the Google AdWords Call Extensions link the left sidebar menu:

  3. Click the 'Add New Mapping' button:

  4. Click on the link in the pop up menu:

  5. Select the tracking number you wish to map and select the AdWords ID you want to map to:

  6. Click Submit

Please note: you can map multiple tracking number to one AdWords ID however you cannot map a tracking number to multiple AdWords Ids