Delacon’s integration with Zapier gives you  access to over 750 App integrations including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Mail Chimp, Wordpress,  Gmail, Facebook and more!

By using our integration, you can create Zaps  for as many apps as you require – allowing our call data to be used by multiple  platforms.

Please note that Delacon does not control  what data the other Apps can receive. We simply push our call data into those  apps using the Zapier integration.

Beta Mode

Currently Delacon’s Zapier integration is  in Beta Mode. In order to connect to Delacon you will need to be invited by Delacon.

Once invited you will receive an email inviting  you to connect to Delacon - please click on the link in the email – the below  screen will load.

Click on ‘Accept Invite & Build a Zap’  button. 

Figure  1

On the next screen, click on the ‘Create  this Zap’ button then continue as per ‘Step 2 – Creating a Zap’, and scroll  down to point 3.

Figure 2

Step 1: Login

Go to  and enter your login details:

Figure  3

Step 2: Creating a Zap

In order to use Delacon’s call tracking  solution with Zapier, you will need to create a ‘Zap’ between Delacon and the app  you are integrating with.

Zaps are  Workflows that connect apps so they can work together. They start with a trigger  (such as a phone call) or an event that kicks off your workflow.

To create a Zap:

1. Click on the ‘Make a Zap’  button:

Figure 4

2. Find the Delacon App by  searching for ‘Delacon’ in the search bar:

Figure 5

 3. Select the Delacon trigger ‘New  Calls’ and click ‘Save + Continue’:

Figure 6

4. Select your Delacon Account by clicking on ‘Connect a New Account’:

 Please note if you have already  registered you can select an existing account and skip to step 7.

Figure  7

 5. A ‘Connect Account’ pop up box  will open. Enter your Delacon account details and press ‘Yes and Continue:

Figure 8

6. Once your account is  connected, click ‘Continue’:

Figure  9

7. Select the Delacon CID you want  to connect to by clicking on the down arrow or typing it into the search bar.  You can select multiple CIDs by clicking the + button. Once all CID you want to  connect are selected, click ‘Continue’.

Figure  10

 8. Click ‘Skip Test &  Continue’:

Figure  11

Please not  that due to the method we push data, testing on the Delacon trigger doesn't  work at the moment. Skipping the test is required to proceed with building the  Zap at this point in time. It won't impact the functionality of the Zap. 

9. Once test is Skipped, click  ‘Continue’

 Figure 12

Step 3: Selecting an Action

You will now need to setup the action/s you  want your Zap to perform. Often this will simply be the App you are pushing  Delacon data too. 

Step 4: Search for the App

Type  in the App name in the search bar and click on it to continue:

Figure 13

Step 5: Setting up App Action

You will need to setup App  Action. This is specific for each App you are setting up. For example if  connecting the Delacon Zap to a CRM, the Action might be ‘Create a lead’ or  ‘Create a Contact’. 

Once you have selected  your action, you will need to connect to your App Account. Once connected,  select ‘Save + Continue’.

Step 6: Setting up a Template

Once  you have set up your action and connected your account, you will need to setup  a template. Again this is specific to each App that you connect to.

Once  completed, click on ‘Continue’.

Step 7: Turning Zap on

In  order for your Zap to work and the integration to be completed, you need to  make sure you turn your Zap on. Simply click the ‘on’ button to turn it on.

Figure 14

Your Zap is now turned on and you are ready to start  receiving call data. It is important to make sure you test the data coming  through is accurate and correct.


Please see the link below to our glossary on parameter  names for our data fields and a description of each field.

Delacon  Glossary