The so called ‘digital age’ is upon us – where  everyone has multiple devices, content streamed directly into their homes and  everything has gone online.

With the coming of the digital age, the phone call was  supposed to be dead. However with over U$1 trillion in global commerce  influenced by mobile calls alone and with over 75% of customer interactions  being phone calls, the phone call is still as important and relevant to  businesses as ever.

In fact, 65% of businesses consider phone calls their  highest quality lead source!

If the phone call plays an important role in your  business, particularly in the path to purchase, it is vital you know what  happens on these calls. However listening to every phone call is impossible,  especially when hundreds or thousands of calls are received every day.

This is where Speech Analytics becomes so important. With  the ability to effectively ‘listen’ to every call, it can provide detailed analysis  on conversations so you can find out exactly what is being spoken.

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech Analytics is the ability of an AI engine to analyse,  transcribe and effectively ‘listen’ to the spoken word of every phone call your  business receives.  It can help determine  what happens once a potential customer has moved from the online to the offline  world by transcribing and analysing the conversation.



Provides a transcription of every phone call with 80%  accuracy.

Call Visualisation 

Provides a visual representation of the elements of a call  including talk time, on-hold time and ring time.

Call  Analysis 

Analyse the call for specific keywords and phrases,  and the sentiment of the caller. 

Call  Outcome

Understand if a call was answered and what the call outcome was (sales,  booking, complaint 

The Delacon Speech Analytics Roadmap

Knowing  how important phone calls are to customers, we have invested significantly in  our speech analytics platform and are continuing to do so.

Our  Speech Analytics Road Map will see a number of new features and solutions added  to the platform:

Keyword  Spotting/Scanning and searchable transcripts

Set the keywords you want to scan for in conversations  such as sales specific keywords, (including the value of the sale), branded  keywords or keywords to do with special promotions/offers.

You can then search for these keywords amongst your  transcripts.

Identify  a good or bad call

Do you know what a good or bad call is for your  business? Enter in this criteria and our solution will search for good or bad  calls.

The criteria could be:

§ The length of the call

§ What specific keywords were  mentioned

§ The call outcome (sale, complaint  etc.).


Determine  Call Outcome/Call Classification 

Use call analytics to classify the outcome of the call based  on either outcome based keywords you provide or on a model which uses a  critical mass of your call transcripts to work out the outcome.

Script  Scanning

Use the script scanning feature to make sure sale  scripts are being followed correctly and to identify high performing scripts by  linking to the call outcome.

Lead Scoring

Score leads based on what is actually said in the  phone call. This may be based on the specific words spoken, the outcome of the  call or the length of the call.

Speech Analytics Applications

What is the actual application of Speech Analytics?  How can it be used to enhance your business?

 We’ve broken it up into two key areas:

§ Marketing Optimisation

§ Sales Optimisation

Marketing  Optimisation

§ Use the keyword scanning feature to  scan for frequent keywords and then use these words in your SEO and SEM  campaigns.

§ Analyse ‘Good’ phone calls and link  them back to the campaigns that delivered the calls. Optimise these campaigns  to deliver even more ‘Good’ phone calls.

§ Use the IVR intercept feature to  understand which campaigns and keywords are delivering sales calls and optimise  your campaigns accordingly.


Sales Optimisation


§ Use  keyword spotting/script scanning to identify the messaging that is leading to  sales. Replicate this messaging across your other agents to ensure the best  messaging is being used. Similarly identify when approved scripts are not being  used to see which agents may need more training.

§ Use good quality calls (as  identified by your criteria) as a benchmark for training current future  employees.

§ Identify callers with good customer  sentiment and use these for training.

§ Score leads based on your criteria,  ensuring leads with higher scores are actioned as a priority.

*Please note some of these applications are  not available yet.

Getting Started

Getting started with  Speech Analytics is easy and can be purchased seperatly to our call tracking  solution. Note it does come with additional charges.

  In order to use Speech Analytics, you will require:

§ Our call recording feature.

§ Ideally the use of our 1300 numbers or the porting  across of your existing 1300 numbers so they sit within our call recording  environment.

What is currently available?

Call Transcription Interface

View call recordings  and transcripts as well as our ‘Call Visualisation’ feature where you can see  the metrics of each conversation (caller talk time, agent talk time, silence  etc).

Lead Scoring

Manually score every  call and add comments using our Call Scoring element.

IVR Intercept

See  the menu options callers select so you can see  what percentage of calls are actually going thorugh to your sales and other departments.

This data can also be pushed into your CRM as well as  Google Analytics and DoubleClick for CPA analysis.

Contacting Delacon

If you are interested in Speech Analytics or any of our other products call us on 1300 990 999 or email us at

Alternatively you can contact your Delacon Account Manager directly.