Delacon’s AdWords and DoubleClick  integration allows offline calls received from AdWords campaign data to be  pushed into DoubleClick, allowing you to include offline call data in your  DoubleClick bid management strategy alongside online data.

Offline call data is when a call has been  made directly using the number directly in the Google Ad, without the caller  actually clicking on the ad.

To setup the integration, you will need to  follow the below steps.

Step 1: Logging In

  1. Go to Delacon Portal login page -

  2. Enter in your Username and  Password and click ‘Login':

 If you can’t remember your login details, please contact your  account manager or email


 Step 2: Integrations Menu

  Once logged in, you will need to go to the DFA Token (Offline) menu in our Integration menu:

  • Click on Reporting  Integration →  DFA Token (Offline)

Step 3: Mapping

  1. Before you can begin the  mapping process, you will need to add to your advertiser or  agency account and provide write access.

    Please click on below link to find out more information on how you can do this: 

    If this has already been done, click on ‘Add New Mapping’ and then ‘Yes'.

  2. Choose the relevant Service ID (one at a time) by marking the checkbox. 

  3. Enter the following details:

    a: Agency ID
    b. Advertiser ID
    c. Segment  Name (must match the Floodlight segment name in DoubleClick)

  4. Enter the conversion value – this is set by you and is determined by how much value you place on a call conversion.

  5.  Enter the Conversion Type: 

     Action = Call is received
    Transaction = Value attributed to that call conversion

  6. Select the Conversion Currency:

  7. Click Add New Mapping

  8. Repeat this process for other CIDs/Services