Delacon’s call tracking solution is  integrated with Salesforce. Through this technical integration, the call data  captured by Delacon’s solution will be sent to Salesforce. Following the same  principle as the “web to lead” functionality, a new lead will automatically be  created in Salesforce and populated with the captured call data. We call this  the “call to lead” functionality.

If a caller telephones from the same phone  number that already exists in either the Account or the Contact objects, then  an Activity Task will be created against the relevant object instead of a new  lead being created.

Delacon has two Salesforce integration options  – Post-Call Integration and Real-Time Integration.

Post-Call  Integration

In the non-live integration the newly  created lead will be available between five and twenty minutes after the call  ends. All available call fields will be populated with this option including  the call duration, feedback outcome, call recording file link, keywords used  and the referral URL.

To access the Salesforce record, the  operator needs to enter the phone number of the caller into the search field of  Salesforce after gathering that information from the caller. If the operator  doesn’t have the phone number, they can search for the latest lead entry.

Real-Time  Integration

With Delacon’s live integration, the data  is available in real time – so that the sales team can use this information to  influence their conversation with the lead. In essence Delacon’s solution  provides invaluable data to the sales team of what the lead has done prior to  the call. It’s important to note that under the live integration there are  certain fields that won’t be populated including the call duration, feedback  outcome, sale amount and call recording file link. The fields that will be  populated include the call start time, device used, keywords used, number  dialled, referral URL, search engine used and the landing page.

To access the live Salesforce lead record  of the caller while they are on the phone, there are two identifiers – the  telephone number or a unique key or code associated with the phone call that’s  generated by Delacon’s system. 

If you’re using a VoIP phone connection, we  can display the caller’s phone number or the code on the operator’s telephone  screen. If you’re using a PSTN system we can only display the caller’s phone  number. We can also set up a whisper message prior to the call connection that  will tell the operator the caller’s phone number or the code.  Please note the whisper message is ineffective  if you use an IVR.

The identifier options for each network are  covered in the following chart.



VoIP network





Whisper message stating unique key







Unique key or code on telephone screen







Phone number    on telephone screen







The operator can enter the phone number or  unique code into the search field of Salesforce to access the newly created  lead.

With the lead, your sales team can add in  the name and company of the lead and convert the lead into an account once they  are qualified. By mapping the call tracking data to the Account fields, you  will be able to keep an accurate history of the entire customer’s journey.

This user guide will give you step-by-step  instructions on how to integrate Delacon’s call tracking solution with  Salesforce.


Login to Delacon

The direct link is

Select Salesforce

Select the CID

Select the appropriate CID from the list  and click Authorize.

Please  note if you have already integrated your company’s Salesforce with Delacon, please  ignore ‘Step 2’ and follow these steps:

Step 1: Select dealer 

Step 2:  Click ‘Add New Mapping’

Salesforce login

Login to your Salesforce account. 

Allow Permissions

Click on the Allow button

Authorisation confirmation

The page will automatically redirect to the  Delacon page informing you that the authorisation is complete. 

If you are not redirected automatically,  please return to the Delacon Portal and refresh the Salesforce integration page  to display the CID listed under Current Mappings.

Choose between live and live lead only

Select whether you want the live or live  lead only integration as discussed with your Delacon account manager. 


Live lead only: Always creates leads only.

Live: The system will check for existing  account, contacts and leads (in that order) in Salesforce for an incoming  number. If any of the above objects are found, an activity is created against  that object. If no object is found, a new lead is created.

Install Package

Click on the Salesforce logo under Install Delacon PLA Package. This will launch the  integration process with Salesforce. You will be redirected back to  Salesforce.

Select install for all users

Once selected, click ‘install’.

Please note, in some cases you may get a notification that you will receive an email  when the installation is complete.

Click Next

Click Next at  the bottom right of the page for next two Salesforce web pages.


Click Install


Click the install  button to finalise the installation.

Installation Success

The installation success message will be  displayed.