Delacon understands that our clients prefer clean call tracking numbers.

For all new numbers allocated to Delacon by INMS, we perform online searches to ensure that the numbers are not ranked in search engines. This minimises the chance that the numbers are in use.

For numbers that have been used by previous Delacon clients, we quarantine the numbers for six months. If within the six month period a number receives more than 3 calls, Delacon will quarantine the number until such time as it receives less than 3 calls for a 6 month period.

Please be aware that to prevent cross contamination, Delacon does its best to ensure that the same numbers are not reissued to the same client – unless specifically requested.

While we do our best to keep numbers clean, please be aware that we can’t offer a 100% guarantee.

Additional factors may include:

  • Customers may have saved the number
  • Existing marketing material may still be in circulation